Tiago Duarte

Azenbergstrasse 41, Stuttgart · +351 936 648 027 · tiagolgduarte@gmail.com

Software Engineer with thorough hands-on experience in software development, debugging and testing. Experienced in the planning and execution of software projects. Supportive and an enthusiastic team player with good communication skills. Responsible Engineer capable of delivering the assigned tasks in time with good accuracy.


Software Engineer


Software Engineer for Autonomous Driving in the VMPS (Vehicle Motion and Position Sensor) project. In this job, I started as a software developer for the Safe Execution team and I worked in the Watchdog and the Fail-safe logic. After that I moved to the Customer component, which I am responsible to develop and maintain an Autosar component that converts the VMPS output signals onto the required Customer specific signals.
Key tasks:

  • BSW development/integration
  • Safe Execution: Watchdog/Fail-safe Logic
  • Customer component development
Topics related to the job:
  • Autosar
  • ISO26262
  • Agile (SCRUM)
  • CAN - CANoe, CANape
  • Aurora Tracer
  • Rhapsody
  • Cantata
  • V-Model, traceability

February 2018 to this moment

Software Engineer and Music Producer

Daily Beats

Development of software plugins for music production and audio DSP algorithms. Development of GUIs. Research, planning and execution of software applications while learning new programming languages to build a website (PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
Key tasks:

  • Development of DSP algorithms
  • Development and management of a website
  • Costumer support

January of 2016 to January of 2018

Software Engineer


Development of device drivers Linux for HDMI IP. Development of audio and video device drivers for Linux using ALSA and Video 4 Linux 2 frameworks. Development of C applications to control audio and video drivers. Development of project’s related documentation. In this job, I was responsible for creating and developing the Linux device drivers to interface with the HDMI IP receiver in a Synopsys custom made development board.
Key task:

  • Development of Linux device drivers
  • Bring-up and debugging of SoC-based target hardware boards

From 2014 to 2016

Electric Technician


Receive, analyze and deliver faulty CD drivers in the Radio units to the Third-Party supplier. Filling and organizing the quality reports and forward the reports to the Technical Engineers.

From 2006 to 2007

Owner of the entertainment events organization

As 3 Pancadas

Organizing and scheduling the events. Contact suppliers and entertainers. Assisting the design art creation and sound systems.

From 2009 to 2011

Electric Technician Internship

Andronics Satellite Communications

Refactoring of default board. Translation of the Company’s web-site to Portuguese. Contact of Portuguese clients.



University of Minho

MSc of Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering
Electronics and Embedded Systems

GPA: 15 in 20 points

2007 - 2013

Escola Profissional de Braga

Professional course of Electronic, Automation and Command

GPA: 17 in 20 Points

2003 - 2006


Programming Languages & Tools
  • C - Expert Level
  • C - Expert Level
  • C++ - Expert Level
  • C# - Intermediate Level
  • PHP - Intermediate Level
  • HTML - Intermediate Level
  • CSS - Intermediate Level
  • JavaScript - Intermediate Level
  • Assembly - Intermediate/Advanced Level
  • Script - Intermediate Level
  • SQL - Basic Level
  • Verilog/VHDL - Intermediate/Advanced Level

Technical Skills
  • Strong programming skills
  • Strong decision making
  • Multi-platform development (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Basic MySQL
  • Performance and scalability optimization
  • GUI development – both in software and in design (using InkScape and Gimp)
  • IDEs: Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse and NetBeans
  • MS Office and OpenOffice
  • V Model and Waterfall Model

Soft Skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity – I produced more than 700 music productions along with more than 300 video tutorials on music production
  • Good coordination and organization to handle all my tasks in time
  • Constantly improving my emotional intelligence via books and facing challenges with a positive outlook
  • Good capacity to solve complex problems
  • Effective work management
  • Always improving my soft skills via books, seminars and audio books. I invest a lot of time and money on my personal development


Apart from being a Software Engineer, I love traveling, listening and music creation, fitness and health, business and financial education, self-development, toastmasters and reading.


  • Web Based Training Couse OneNote
    In this training I learned several ways to quickly enter information in an organized fashion. I also learned to use data from other Office programs and to exchange information between notebooks and Outlook. Introduction to Functional Safety Management at CC (Chassis-Systems Control)
  • Introduction to Functional Safety Management at CC (Chassis-Systems Control)
    Introduction to Functional Safety management in the CC-context. Overview on the basic principles of hazard analysis and risk assessment, the CC safety goals and derived activities at CC. This training is primarily aimed to understand the CC-specific tasks with the help of examples. It is not a detailed presentation of the standard ISO 26262 itself.
  • Safe and Secure C Coding
    In this training I learned about Software bugs in C, from bug types, prevalence, importance, consequences to related attack patterns, bug detection approaches and tools and potential mitigations.
  • AUTOSAR RTE (Run Time Environment)
    In this training I learned about the AUTOSAR RTE. The following topics were covered: Basic: AUTOSAR Methodology, RunTime Environment, BSW Scheduler, Data Types System, Measurement and calibration, Modes & Trigger communication, Variant Handling, PortInterfaceMapping and Data conversion, Multicore communication, Inter-ECU communication and NvDataHandling via RTE.
  • System & SW Architecture with Rhapsody Training
    In this training I learned to use the tool IBM Rational Rhapsody, I got familiarized with the core functions and are was able to create SysML and UML models on my own.